Books by Rudolph Klimes

An Adventurous Pilgrim
An Autobiography about the life of Rudolph Klimes PhD, MPH. Born in Czechoslovakia, the son of a Jew, he survived Hitler’s holocaust and escaped Stalin’s Iron Curtain. He served as college president in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. He taught elementary school, grades 1-8 for four years. Later he directed Doctoral Degree Programs. He wrote some 30 research reports and twelve books.
Learn in Brain-friendly Ways:
How to Succeed with Quality Learning Skills

LEARN to LEARN with your whole brain. It deals with both the MICROLEARNING of basic skills and the production of complex projects through MACROLEARNING.
Spiritual Disorders
To find help with Spiritual Disorders, healing of each of eight disorders is examined from a research, ethics and faith perspective.
The Boy With Unclean Lips
A book for anyone learning to speak wisely, using the example of Isaiah. Written at a 5th grade reading level for ages 8+.
Psalms are for Praying
A guide to praying, studying, and meditating on the Psalms.
Plan B: Rescued From Destruction

Sixty five bible studies, organized into nine themes, helps the reader examine in-depth many of the classical passages of the Bible.
Chinese Basics: Learn your 1st 50 Characters
Korean Hangul in Ten Hours