Klimes Institute Report

Operational Report as of January 31, 2016….2nd DRAFT

  1. Introduction  
  2. List and Outlines of CE Courses Offered
  3. Time/place of CE Courses Offered
  4. Course Instructor’s Resumes
  5. Copy of Names of RNs in CA taking CE Courses
  6. Copy of Course Certificates  
  7. Advertisement
  8. Calculation of CE Hours



1. Introduction  

The Klimes Institute was founded in 2013 by Rudof E. Klimes, PhD, MPH in honor of his father, the late Jan Klimes, an accomplished textile engineer specializing in new materials. It Is was located at 115 Kennerly Way, Folsom, CA 95630.

The purpose of the institute is to foster health and prevent disease through quality Continuing Education for all who need it. The institute distributed much of its income as charitable donations and scholarships to people in need. That relates to  the “org” in the institute website.

The motto of cecourses.org is Deep Learning. Students are encouraged to learn beyond the minimum test requirements by practicing the following attributes.

D. DEVELOP practical applications for your work
E. EXAMINE your priorities in that area
E. EDUCATE a colleague in your new skills
P. PREPARE your heart for wisdom

The testing,  fund collection, data collection and certificate printing is outsourced to Nurses Learning. Other CE providers that use that system are Access Continuing Education, American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, Corexel, Hospice and Palliative Nursing Association, Nurse Practitioner Health Care Fund and Nurses Today.


2. List and Outlines of CE Courses Offered

Between January 1, 2014 and Jan 31, 2016, the Institute offered 71 online courses, some for 3 CE hours, others for 30 CE hours.

Of these courses, some courses were discontinued because they were in a pilot-format stage, expired as valid CE courses, and/or did not attract sufficient students to continue offering them.,

The Institute offers the CE courses listed under six headings, namely ethics, drug abuse, end of life care, preventive care, statistics, and more. All courses are related to indirect patient care. The outlines of these courses is listed under the information for the 30-hour CE courses at cecourses.org/more/all-30-hour-courses/ 


3. Time/place of CE Courses Offered

All CE courses are online and could be taken any time 24/7 and any place. That included night time and any place in the world where online services are available.  Thus many courses are taken by individuals outside of California.

The Institute supports the Students Against Depression, the European Alliance Against Depression, and the many nursing schools and universities that fight depression. Many of their members at studentsagainstdepression.org and eaad.net avail themselves of the free CE course provided by the Institute.


4. Course Instructor’s Resumes


Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD, MPH, President

115 Kennerly Way, Folsom CA 95630


1951-1964  Elementary and Secondary Teacher, Canada and Asia

1965-1979  Professor of Education and Director of Health Education, Asia

1979-1986  Director of the American Health and Temperance Society, Washington, DC

1986-1994  Professor of Education and Director of Health Education, Asia

1994-2010  President of LearnWell Resources and Developer of Continuing Health Education

1996-2004  Adjunct Professor of Health Education, Folsom Lake College, Folsom, CA

2010-Present    President of Klimes Institute and Developer of Continuing Health Education


1957   BA, Walla Walla University

1964   EdS, PhD, Indiana University

1983   MPH, Johns Hopkins University


15  Books on Education and 8 Research Report on Health


1969  Outstanding Service Award, from the Minister of Education, Korea

1969  Order of Civil Merit, Dongbaeg Medal, from the President of Korea

Foreign Languages

Czech, German, Korean, Japanese, Ukrainian



Heather Hawkins, DMD, Vice-President

6091 McNeely Way, Orangevale, California 95662 |


Ambulatory Patient Safety/Risk Management for Adventist Health Corporate; Roseville, CA 2014 – current
-Oversight for Infection Control and Risk Management in 90 clinics.
-Responsible for overall success of all employees, which entails conducting Microbiology and Risk educational seminars.
-Authoring online course and competencies in combination with Clinical Educators for all staff including Physicians, RNs, LVNs, and MAs.
-Responsible for policy revisions for overall Patient Safety and Risk in Ambulatory Clinics.
-Collaboration with Quality Directors and Administrators in all regions.

Quality Director for the Center of the Behavioral Health; Vallejo, CA –2013 –2014
-Exposure and training to Lean Six Sigma and CAP (Change Acceleration Processes) techniques.
-Overall responsibility for all outpatient and inpatient Program Improvement plans and Regulatory Compliance.
-Directly responsible for Infection prevention, Staff and Patient Safety, and Risk Management.
-Supervision of Department Directors as it pertains to all Quality standards required for the Joint Commission, CMS, and other state agencies.
-Responsible for data trending and communicating this data
-Acting as the direct patient advocate. Responsible for all patient complaints for Psychiatric services rendered.
-Responsible for aggregating and trending Patient Satisfaction Data.

Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Educator – Heald College; Concord, CA — 2009-2013
-Directly managed all accreditation audits, healthcare program regulatory compliances including the AAMA, ADA, and ASHP, and faculty/staff evaluations.
-Directly responsible for all Allied Health Programs as it pertained to OSHA and Infection Control Compliance.
-Supervised all Program Directors in the context of each program, including implementation of new curriculum and instructor
-management of benchmark assignments and ECompanion Platforms.
-Instructor of Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology courses as assigned for Medical Assistants.
-Managed funds distributed to all programs on campus as it pertains to mandatory equipment list and textbooks.
-Conducted and coordinated all faculty training and orientation.

Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences Napa Valley Community College, Napa, CA – 2008
Conducted classroom lectures, lab setup and experimentation with nursing students.
Editorial – Ongoing various editing assignments from key educational publishers


Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA — Advanced General Dentist Resident 2004- 2005
Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL — Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) 1998- 2003
California State University, Fresno, CA –Human Biology, Anatomy/Physiology — 1993-1997

Skills CPR/BLS/ACLS Certifications


5. Copy of Names of RNs in CA taking CE Courses





6. Copy of Course Certificates

Kimes Institute

115 Kennerly Way, Folsom CA 95630,

www.cecourses.org     rudy@klimes.org

California Board of Registered Nursing Provider CEP 16144

certifies that XX has successfully completed the 3.00 Continuing Education contact- hours course,

Help With Addiction

and on February 14, 2016 was issued certificate number 712153.

Signed by 


Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD, President



7. Advertisement  

Klimes Institute

Nursing Continuing Education Courses/CEU

The Klimes Institute offers online continuing education (CE courses) to about 5,000 nurses, pharmacists, and others each year. Our course categories include ethics, drug abuse, end-of-life-care, preventive care, and statistics. Our courses are available any place, any time, 24/7. Our goal is to foster health and prevent disease.

How It Works

  1. Select one of our 60+ online courses and study it.There is no separate registration.
  2. Take the open-book test and pay online via your credit card for the CEcourse.
  3. If you score 75% or more, print your certificate on your printer 24/7.

3 Hour Courses

$21 each

We have over 60 online 3 hour courses available covering ethics, drug abuse, end-of-life-care, preventive care, statistics, and more.

30 Hour Courses

$63 each

We also offer eight 30-Hour CE courses for $63 each. These more in depth courses each cover a series of related topics, and have a single open-book test at the end.


Klimes Institute is ACCREDITED by the California Board of Registered Nursing CEP 16144 to 01/31/2017, with reciprocity in AK, IL, KY, LA, NV, and certain other states, the DC Board of Nursing, 50-18433 to 12/17/2016, and the DC Board of Nursing Assistive Personal, 50-18433, to 12/18/2016.

Get Started

Not sure where to start? Try one of our most popular courses:


If anytime you need a copy of your certificate, click here and login. Then go to “My Record”, “CE Log Book”, and click the “View Certificate” links. Need more help? Please see this page first.


8. Calculation of CE Hours

The CE hour calculations were based in general on the following method. The estimated averages was reported by the students as part of their course evaluations of their 3 CE hour courses. The following three number of minutes was added together and constitutes the CE hours offered.

  1. Reading of the course website and study of the suggested sources: 90 minutes
  2. Preparing and taking of the test 30 minutes.
  3. Evaluating of the course: 30 minutes
  4. Review of the test results and the achieved percentage: 30 minutes.

The 30 CE hour courses consisted always of 10 CE modules of 3 CE hours each.