RK_EditBiography of Rudolf E. Klimes, PhD

Rudolf Klimes was born in Czechoslovakia. The son of a Jew, he survived Hitler’s holocaust and escaped Stalin’s Iron Curtain. He served as college president in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Rudy received his BA and MA in 1957 from Walla Walla University and his EdS and PhD in 1964 from Indiana University. In 1977, he earned a MA at Andrews University, in 1981 a DMin at McCormick Theological Seminary, and in 1983 a MPH at Johns Hopkins University.

He taught elementary school, grades 1-8 for four years. Later he directed Doctoral Degree Programs. He wrote some 30 research reports and twelve books.

In 1979, he was elected Associate Director of the General Conference Health Department in Washington, DC. In 1986 he returned to Asia as president of Samyuk College in Hong Kong, and from 1989 to 1995 served as founding Dean of Lifelong Learning at Sahmyook University, in Korea. Since 1995, Anna and he live and serve in the Sacramento area.

July 22, 2014

The Klimes Family Genealogy




When Anna Smiled

When Anna smiled the whole street smiled with her,

and turned away from all their troubles.

When Anna smiled, the whole church cheered with her,

and went to help the ones in need.

When Anna smiled, the whole club talked with her,

and brought us all together in love.



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