Courses in Professional Ethics

Course Offerings – 30 Hour Courses

E01. Professional Ethics: Principles & Practice

30 Credit Hours, $63

The course consists of ten modules, dealing with ethical choices, ethical problems, health care ethics, social ethics, global ethics, business ethics, reality ethics, ethical dilemmas, transparency ethics and ethics of disclosure. Learn to describe rational thinking in ethics, describe the applications of ethics in various professional situations, identify the main issues in ethical living, and present plans for personal ethical problem-solving.

Course Offerings – 3 Hour Courses

E11. Ethical Choices: How to Reason Ethically

3 Credit Hours, $21

Learn to understand and apply ethical presuppositions and imperatives, and describe and use the four-step Ethical Reasoning Model.

E12. Ethical Problems: What Guides Decisions?

3 Credit Hours, $21

Ethics deals with right and wrong and reflects one’s morals. Look at ethics from the following perspective: Laws and rules were made to limit very bad behavior and to highlight good behavior. Gain knowledge of the definitions and major concepts in ethics, understand the ethical approach to decision making and make a choice of ethical standards that make sense to you.

E13. Health Care Ethics: Values, Obligations and Right

3 Credit Hours, $21

Health Care Ethics is the study of moral issues that concern health care professionals in medicine, nursing, law, sociology, philosophy, and theology. Become equipped to identify basic ethical decisions on abortions, suicide, cloning, and patient information.

E14. Social Ethics: Trust and Accountability

3 Credit Hours, $21

Understand and apply different ethical considerations in family, community and governmental relationships. Use the Social Accountability Model in various ethical cases.

E15. Global Ethics: Concerns for Citizen

3 Credit Hours, $21

Global ethics has to do with ethical issues affecting the world. When thinking about global ethics, we are concerned with actions taken by citizens and political leaders of nations, and with international laws. Learn to describe the international law, human rights, foreign assistance, and national forgiveness.

E16. Business Ethics: Doing Straight Transactions

3 Credit Hours, $21

This course deals with Conflict of Interest, Harassment, and Whistle-Blowing. In most businesses, ethics is promulgated as a policy. At the end of this course, you will be equipped to make basic ethical decisions on business matters involving conflicts of interest, work requirements, work conditions and dealing with work problems.

E17. Reality Ethics: Solving Ethical Cases

3 Credit Hours, $21

In reality ethics, right and wrong are defined by reason that is supported by an argument based on an authority. At the end of this course, you will have the skills to suggest ethical decisions to problems and determine the basis and authority for them as ethical decisions.

E18. Ethical Dilemmas: Solving Dilemma Cases

3 Credit Hours, $21

Since a dilemma deals with two possible rights, these two right choices must be clearly stated. Then the dilemma can move to a solution, where one of the rights is preferred over the other one. Learn to define dilemmas, select the relevant values, principles and personal issues in the dilemmas, and propose solutions to ethical dilemma cases.

E19. Transparency Ethics: Honesty and Deception

3 Credit Hours, $21

Managerial Transparency refers to the actions, writing and plans of individuals, groups or organizations that exclude any hidden information, motives or data. At the end of this course, you will be equipped to make basic ethical decisions on managerial matters involving transparency and corruption.

E20. Ethics of Disclosure: Tell or Hide

3 Credit Hours, $21

Intentionally or unintentionally, every individual chooses what he discloses and what he, for one purpose or another, neglects to disclose. The selection of this, especially among professionals, is an ethical issue. Gain an understanding of the relationship between disclosure, secrecy and privacy, the basics of administrative, counseling, medical and social disclosure, and 3. the principles of the ethics of disclosure.

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