Course Offerings

A10. Health in Context

3 Credit Hours, $21

This course integrates health issues into the larger concepts of healthful living, health literacy and global health. It attempts to bring together and relate all the health professions, health industries and personal health.

F11. Help in Depression

3 Credit Hours, $21

Examines the types, symptoms, causes and treatments for depression. Prepares participants to analyze cases of depression, to refer individuals to the most helpful professional, and to suggest self-help treatment options, where appropriate.

A13. Preventing Falls

3 Credit Hours, $21

Explores fall prevention, reasons for increased fall incidents and recommendations to to prevent ongoing falls. Areas of study include how big the problem is, outcomes linked to falls, who is at risk, how older adults can prevent falls, how to maintain healthy bones, basic information on bone diseases, and basic tips on fall prevention in children.

A14. Emergency Preparedness

3 Credit Hours, $21

Equips participants to identify basic strategies for surviving a disaster in both a healthcare and non-healthcare setting, as well as learning about specific hazards that can affect all individuals globally, and increasing overall awareness.

A15. Parkinson’s & Exercise

3 Credit Hours, $21

Discussion on Parkinson’s disease, a group of motor system disorders resultant from the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. Areas covered include an overview of the disorder, diagnosis and symptoms, prognosis and current research, benefits of exercise, sample exercise programs, disease management an coping mechanisms, and resources for patients.

A16. Time Management: Setting Goals

3 Credit Hours, $21

Discover how setting goals, prioritization, and planning can increase effectiveness. Also explores time management tips which such as include learning what matters most and theories of time.

A11. Peripheral Neuropathy

3 Credit Hours, $21

Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of peripheral neuropathy, a condition caused by damage to the peripheral nervous system–a communications network that transmits information from the brain and spinal cord to every other part of the body.

A13. Defend Freedoms

3 Credit Hours, $21

Explores defending freedoms and what constitutes personal freedoms. Defining examples with suggested recommendations will be approached along with ethical considerations.

Study Skill Courses

Non-credit courses, Free

Connecting learners with free resources to help you develop better study-skills so you can “work smarter” instead of simply “trying harder”. Topics available for study include: time-management, reading-comprehension, note-taking, goal-making, test taking, memorization, stress management, avoiding procrastination, and more.

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N21. Relaxation Therapy

3 Credit Hours, $21

Relaxation therapy is a behavioral therapy used to relieve psychological stress and fatigue. Learn different models of relaxation, simple relaxation techniques you can teach patients, and how relaxation therapy positively affects outcomes of various medical conditions.

V101-V111. Value Judgements

3 Credit Hours Each, Free

This series of courses is taught during in-person seminars in Folsom, CA. Based on lessons in the book “Spiritual Disorders” by R. Klimes, PhD, discussing classification system for spiritual disorders.

Health Trainer Courses

F02. Neighborhood Health Trainer

30 Credit Hours, $63

You learn to promote public health in your neighborhoods through health education and disease prevention without fees. NHTs are health auxiliaries who help individuals in their communities make healthier choices and implement their health plans. NHTs do not provide medical services, medical diagnosis or treatment.

F03. Associate Health Trainer

Students who satisfactorily complete courses D01, E01, P01, N01, F02 and S101 or 18 CEUs (180 CE course hours) will become eligible for an Associate Health Trainer Certificate.

Future Courses

These courses are not yet available for credit.

Even More…

Klimes Institute provides free CE credit courses, courses for HealthTrainers, and new CE courses.

The CE courses with the largest enrollments are: Professional Ethics, Statistics I, Ethical Choices, Health Care Ethics, End-of-Life-Ethics, Preventing Medical Errors and Preventive Hand Hygiene.

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