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Klimes Institute offers a variety of health-care related 30 hour online continuing education courses. Our courses are accredited by the  California Board of Registered Nursing. Our 30 hours courses typically consist of 10 modules each, and cost $63 per 30 hour course.

Each module within the 30 hour course can also be taken as an individual three hour course for $21 each, however, when you take the 30 hour course, you only have to take one 60-item multiple choice test at the end of the course instead of a separate 12-item test for each module. The tests at the end of each individual module are only required if you are not taking the 30 hour course.

Courses Available

These thirty hour courses each consist of ten modules that function also as separate courses.  Thus all Klimes Institute 30 and 3 hour courses are linked to this page.

The following three 30 CE hours courses consist of a single longer module:


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