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Course Description:

This course explores defending freedoms and what constitutes personal freedoms. Defining examples with suggested recommendations will be approached along with ethical considerations.

Objectives: In this course the following objective will be met. 1) Define personal and group freedoms 2) Learn how to defend Ethics, Safety, Finances, Computer, and Social freedoms 3) Explore defending Country (military), Banks (financial), and Communication (online) freedoms

Course Format: Online linked resources and lectures that you can use anytime 24/7. One multi-choice test.

Course Developer and Instructor: R. Klimes, PhD, MPH (John Hopkins U), well known author, scholar, and advocate in ethical freedoms and Information.

Course Time: About three hours for online study, test taking with course evaluation feedback and certificate printing.


A 13  Defend Freedoms … an article on an important subject…

Please read this article and respond to it below. Let me know if you would like to see a Continuing Education course on it. We are considering enlarging the article to a full 3-hour course.

1. Personal and Group Freedoms

Freedom is usually connected with the military that soldiers suppose to keep us free. The above graphic shows a slogan, a flag, and a soldier. Today, to keep free, we need more than soldiers with guns. We also need to protect our way of life, our financial structure, and our internet. If we are attacked in any way, we need to defend ourself fully, with clear ethical priorities, with arms, with banks and with online defenses. .When attacked, we are at war, if we like it or not.

We can experience freedom on a personal daily basis in many areas of life. We can walk where we want to walk, we can eat what we want to eat, we can say what we want to say. There may be some limitations where we walk, what we eat, what we say. But most the time we understand these limitations and realize that they are reasonable. We may have conflicts about that with other people. It is important that we know where we stand on these issues.

The study of freedom starts with statements of personal ethics, religion and behaviour standards. We are not free until we are safe and financially independent. Personal freedom also calls for the freedom of speech and communication.

Group freedom is something else. In group freedom, when there are dissagreements between the actions of our group and another groups, it may result in a war with another groups. This is especially true when the other group states that it wants to kill your group. If you do not act, you loose not only your freedom, but also your life. When a group attack your very existance, that calls for total war and clearly stated objectives.

You must defend the freedomm of your group against the attack of groups that may wan to destroy you. First of all you must understand the ethics or lack of ethics of the attacking group.  You need military strength to defend yourself gainst the military attacks of your opposition. The USA has a Department of Defense for that. Your group must also mobalize all financial ways and means to destroy the opponents. It seems foolish to fight a group and at the same time give them money and resources. Lastly, we have to fight a cyber-war against our opponent. The opponent may be able to use social media and other online and offline reources to destroy you. Thus the war needs to be ethically defined and fully executed on a philosophical, military, financial and digital level. Nothing but a full comittment.and implementation to this defense will do.

2. Defend Ethics

Every person desides what he or she considers right or wrong. Most the time, he or she chooses what is right and avoids what is wrong. But there are many people that do not have a clear understanding of what is right or wrong. Generally, following the law of the land is right, breaking the law is wrong.

3. Defend Safety

A person needs to be safe in orer to be free. He or she cannot freely choose what to do when they are constantly threatened to be harmed. If you do not have a lock on your door, anyone can enter anytime and harm you. If you can lock your front door, you may freely select what you want to do.You will have no fear of being harmed.

4. Defend Finances

You need a minimum amount of money to live freely. If you have no money, you cannot travel, eat, nor cloth yourself. Without money you cannot do anything. Thus money frees you to enjoy life.

5. Defend Computers

Computers give you the freedom to communicate with others. But it also may bring you harm and difficulties. Thus you constantly defend your use of computers with firewalls, passwords and programs. If you neglect to do so, you may be harmed.

The above four areas have been in defense of personal freedom. The next four areas are in defense of your group or nation. It is no longer possible to have freedom without having freedom in all these four areas. Dictators can destroy countries. So can bankers and computer thieves. Freedom is a delicate balance that promotes the good and defends against the evil.

6. Defend Freedom to Assemble (social)

Go in God’s Glory

7. Defend your Country (military)

8. Defend your Banks (financial)

9. Defend Communication (online).

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