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Statistics 101

30 Credit Hours, $63

This course provides an introduction to selected important topics in statistical concepts and reasoning. It represents an introduction to the field and provides a survey of data and data types. Specific topics include tools for describing central tendency and variability in data; methods for performing inference on population means and proportions via sample data.

Statistics 201

30 Credit Hours, $63

This course teaches statistical hypothesis testing and its application to group comparisons; issues of power and sample size in study designs; and random sample and other study types.

Biostat 103

At this time, this course is not available for certification, however free practice problems for this course are available.

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  1. Hello, I am a student at Simmon’s college and need to take a refresher course in Statistics. I would like to know how long this class takes on average. Thank you very much.


    • Statistics is equivalent to 30 CE credit hours. Basically, you read and study the material and then complete the exam. Time requirements will vary per individual ability. We hope that this is helpful insight. Enjoy.

  2. Hi, I am a student at Simmon’s College and I am required to take a refresher course in Stats. I would like to get started but am worried whether I would do well in this course. Yes and how long does it take?

    • It is challenging to specify a time requirement, as each learner will absorb the information at different rates. Go for it, the course is very self explanatory, with a high success rate. Enjoy.

    • Hi
      I understand you have some questions about taking the course. Please go ahead and study the course and then, when completed, click on the link to take the exam and pay for the course. Much Appreciated.

  3. I’m trying to purchase the Stat 101 as well, but the link keeps taking me around. how do I purchase it?