Klimes Institute

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    Nursing Continuing Education Courses

    Convenient Quality Health, Ethics, & Statistics CE coures 3hr/$21
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    Ethics Courses

    Professional Ethics, Ethical Dilemmas, Ethics of Disclosure, Healthcare Ethics, Social Ethics, and More...
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    Drug Abuse Prevention Courses

    Tobacco Prevention, Improving Wellness, Synthetic Drugs, Prevention Values, Alcohol Problems, and More...
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    Courses in End of Life Care

    End of Life Healthcare, Advance Directives, End of Life Ethics, Alzheimer's Disease Prevention, Hospice Support, and More...
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    Preventative Care Courses

    Disease Prevention, Preventing Medical Errors, Stress Relief, Food for Health, Preventative Hand Hygiene and More...
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    Statistics Courses

    • Basic Statistics: Descriptive Statistics and Sampling
    • Statistical Hypothesis Testing: Comparing Two Groups
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    Additional Courses

    We also have courses covering Help in Depression, Study Skills, Ebola Epidemic, Parkinson's and Exercise, and More...

Nursing Continuing Education Courses/CEU

The Klimes Institute offers online continuing education (CE courses) to about 5,000 nurses, pharmacists, and others each year. Our course categories include ethics, drug abuse, end-of-life-care, preventive care, and statistics. Our courses are available any place, any time, 24/7. Our goal is to prevent disease and foster health.

How It Works

  1. Select one of our 60+ online courses and study it.There is no separate registration.
  2. Take the open-book test and pay online via your credit card for the CEcourse.
  3. If you score 75% or more, print your certificate on your printer 24/7.

3 Hour Courses

$21 each

We have over 60 online 3 hour courses available covering ethics, drug abuse, end-of-life-care, preventive care, statistics, and more.

30 Hour Courses

$63 each

We also offer eight 30-Hour CE courses for $63 each. These more in depth courses each cover a series of related topics, and have a single open-book test at the end.


Klimes Institute is ACCREDITED by the California Board of Registered Nursing CEP 16144 to 01/31/2019, with reciprocity in AK, IL, KY, LA, NV, and certain other states, the DC Board of Nursing, 50-18433 to 12/17/2016, and the DC Board of Nursing Assistive Personal, 50-18433, to 12/18/2016.

Get Started

Not sure where to start? Try one of our most popular courses:


If anytime you need a copy of your certificate, click here and login. Then go to “My Record”, “CE Log Book”, and click the “View Certificate” links. Need more help? Please see this page first.

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